About Us

We are a nimble, diverse and highly experienced team who provide personalised service, are easy to work with and create strong long lasting relationships.
Our 75% repeat business statistic is a testimonial to this, and
with offices in both Brisbane and Sydney, Mettle is well positioned for sustainable growth along the eastern coastline of Australia.


Performance Culture

We expect ourselves to ‘Rise Up in a Spirited and Resilient Manner’. We meet our challenges, so we can continuously deliver a High Standard of Service for our clients, Consultants, Subcontractors, our Business, and Ourselves.


Accountability Culture

We take Ownership by Listening, Asking Questions, Seeking to Understand our clients and Colleagues Needs and Wants. We action our Work, Projects, Problems and Solutions in a Friendly, No-Blame way.


Intelligence Culture

We draw on Multiple Intelligences: Emotional, Physical, Social, Intellectual. Our Teams Work, Behave and Interact in an Aware, and Technically-Competent Way.


Results Culture

We Define Results as Sustainable, Profitable, Manageable for our People, Contributing to Long-Term client and Community Relationships.



Building People – and we also do Refurbishment, Commercial Fitout and Construction.

Since its rebranding in 2015, Mettle has steadily grown from humble beginnings to become a well-recognised and respected construction, refurbishment, insurance reinstatement and fit out business.
With offices in both Brisbane and Sydney, Mettle is well positioned for sustainable growth along the eastern coastline of Australia.

We run a profitable, fast-growing, and dynamic company which shows up to make a difference. We are a business which delivers our client’s exceptional service standards because our ‘Why’ guides our business values. We believe that business can be a force for good, and our values define our Mettle character – forming our P.A.I.R.

Mettle’s Mission

“To be your reliable and trustworthy business partner; Mettle is here to
make your job easy. Together let’s make a positive contribution to society
and create a legacy by doing Good Things with Good People.”
Company Structure
This structure is positioned to see the business turnover circa $75m this financial year and is
designed to move with project based demands as they arise.

Mettle’s staffing levels are at 60 which is a combination of office based and project staff.

Financial Capacity

Mettle has adopted a conservative approach to the financial management of the business. This conservative approach ensures that we are a Financially Stable Partner to do business with.

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